Whiffy London and tube caves

In the week that Boeing pulled whiffy (wi-fi) from all their aircraft due to lack of demand, much hilarity comes from a story this week about Ealing-laptopper Gregory Straszkiewicz who was fined 500 for using someone's elses whiffy connection.

Instead of paying for his own net connection he would kerb crawl the streets of Ealing using a laptop while driving his car. He had been seen in the area on several previous occasions over the past three months and neighbours thought he was a 'normal' pervert so reported him to the police, who found he was a pervert of a whiffy kind.

To add insult to injury Gregory had his laptop and wireless card confiscated.

While discussing why anyone would want my whiff, over my hot cocoa last night, me and the boys got onto the subject of stalactites in public places in London. As you do.

I said I'd seen some really good ones under a rail bridge in Leyton/Hackney btu unlike me couldn't remember where. Ade suggested there are some great ones in the subway at Tottenham Court Road's Centrepoint tunnel, while Jez mentioned some old flat of his and his student days. If you know of any better ones tell us, and if you want to know the difference between stalactites & stalagmites - g is for ground and c is for ceiling. You learn something every day.

Nighty night,