Steaming 'rss!

There's a reason why there are no decent and affordable spa/sauna combo's in London and that's because it's already got the Victoria Line. My young strapping helper regularly strips down to his boxers to take the tube, otherwise he risks losing many pounds in a single journey. Take one bottle of water into the Vicline sauna - don't be silly, take your flip flops, suncream and an arm full of hooky watches to work.

The other way to get to work of course is get someone else to do it, as I do with my two faithful lapdogs, Jez & Ade. They've made this blog arse-compatible apparently, allowing those of you with fan-dangly news readers to pick up my rambling nonsense as soon it's tripped off my tongue. If you like it, tell me, if you don't, you can stick it up your RSS... (only kidding)