1 and 1 is 4, Counting locations

Now the categories/theme page has a count displayed of the number of locations currently within that theme. This is more useful than it appears, both to the visitor and to the admin team. The latter can identify future themes that may need more research to beef them up into super-dooper powerthemes, ha ha. The former so they can see at a glance where our strengths are. The acchilies, however you spell it, however is that they can also spot the weaknesses in our database if we havent been proactive enough on the latter. But hey ho.

These figures are recalculated when a new location is added or updated rather than at page load time. Best not to stress old Esmiralda, the web server, as I call her.

The other interesting side to this is that locations can sit under up to 3 categories (currently just 3 anyway), allowing us to inflate our figures as any good marketing fluffer will accept is standard practice! Not that we would use that information to mislead and puff our ego's! Oh no!