Noel's Favourite Bedsit
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Noel's Favourite Bedsit

Named after the 18th Century novelist 'Henry Fielding'.

A rare find this...a hotel named after the 18th Century novelist 'Henry Fielding' famous for the classic books 'The History of Tom Jones' and 'The Tragedy of Tom Thumb', which is also housed in an attractive early 19th Century building.

As a rare budget hotel situated in a charming pedestrian street that still retains its 19th century gas lamps, just opposite the Royal Opera House, this really is a haven of peace and quiet in the midst of bustling Covent Garden.

Being in one of London's liveliest areas, it goes without saying that top-flight alternative English comedians are rumoured to be regular patrons after a hard nights 'Noel Fielding' being a suitably named example.

Location: 4 Broad Court, Bow Street, WC2B 5QZ

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