Le Cellier du Midi
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Le Cellier du Midi

French food, exotic flavours and a Keith Richards fave

'Le Cellier du Midi' was born in 1959 and to this present day it has remained true to its gastronomic traditions.

Rustic decor, warm intimate atmosphere, friendly service and homemade food using only fresh ingredients have made our restaurant nothing short of an institution in Hampstead.

In fact it's also been home to stars and celebs since the 60's.

Keith Richards used to frequent the restaurant with Mick and his then girlfriend Linda Keith, it was and is an institution.

There really should be a blue plaque above to let one know that inside you can experience great food, hearty servings with a family style service. Great interior circa Peter Cushings front room 1975 and in a good way.

Location: 28 Church Row, Hampstead, NW3 6UP

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