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The Castle

The only pub in England to have (have had) a pawnbroker license

This is the only pub in England to have (have had) a pawnbroker's license.

Location: 34-35 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DB

George IV was once attending a cock-fight in the vicinity of the Castle inn, when he ran out of cash. Although the landlord did not recognise him, after a slight argument he loaned him thirty shillings on the kings fathers watch. After having won the bet for which he needed the money, George IV thought of having the landlord knighted but, because he had failed to recognise the king, he gave the house a pawnbrokers licence in perpetuity instead. (David T Lewis)
Posted by David T Lewis on 2011-07-27
Is this the pub that the famous tom spring, bareknuckle fighting champion of england once owned? (s spring)
Posted by s spring on 2007-10-21