Dance themed places

Dance dance where you may be, London has a vast history of famous dancer's, dance halls, dancing shoes and other dance related events. Check them out here.


The Pheasantry
1. The Pheasantry
St Paul's Studios
2. St Paul's Studios
The Old Mercury Theatre
3. The Old Mercury Theatre
The Pavlova Statue
4. The Pavlova Statue
The First All Night Rave
5. The First All Night Rave
Almack's Assembly Rooms
6. Almack's Assembly Rooms
Lambeth Country Show
7. Lambeth Country Show
Did Chaplin get the bug Here
8. Did Chaplin get the bug Here
Cave of the Golden Calf
9. Cave of the Golden Calf
Len Goodman's East End
10. Len Goodman's East End


11. Alain's Special Building @ Creekside
12. The Royal Opera House @ Covent Garden
13. Floral Street Helix Bridge @ Floral Street, Covent Garden, London
14. The Rivoli Ballroom @ 350 Brockley Road, Brockley, London
15. Club in a toilet! @ 82a Commercial Street, Clerkenwell, London
16. Notting Hill Carnival Facts @ Chepstow Road
17. 80 years and still Dancing @ 94 St Martin's Lane
18. A Fruity place to Dance @ 7 Langley Street, London
19. Does is Matter? @ Drawdock Road

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