Look Up themed places

Close ups of interesting features above ground level, sometimes it's the small things that matter the most. See if you can find them! You might need the top level of a double decker bus to see them though...


Hampstead Observatory
1. Hampstead Observatory
Hanging Gardens of Paddington
2. Hanging Gardens of Paddington
London Planetarium
3. London Planetarium
The Giant Plug
4. The Giant Plug
Earls Court Big Wheel
5. Earls Court Big Wheel
Time was created here
6. Time was created here
Banksy's Scrabble Makes You ...
7. Banksy's Scrabble Makes You ...
A Lighthouse in King's Cross
8. A Lighthouse in King's Cross
The Shoreditch Stilts Signal Box
9. The Shoreditch Stilts Signal Box
Sir Hugh Myddelton's Statue
10. Sir Hugh Myddelton's Statue


11. Christmas under Nelson @ Trafalgar Square
12. Alexandra Palace @ Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green
13. Quantum Cloud @ Greenwich Peninsula, London
14. A Fine Meal with a View @ 99 Kensington High Street
15. Bogarde's Hotel Splendide @ 25 Mornington Crescent, London
16. Monkey Gargoyle @ Chiltern Street
17. The Devils of Cornhill @ St Peter upon Cornhill, Gracechurch Street, Lond
18. The Soho Mural @ Noel Street, London
19. The Shard @ 32 London Bridge
20. The Monument.... is leaning! @ Near King William Street
21. The London Eye @ Thames Path, Southbank
22. English National Opera @ St Martin's Lane, London
23. The Skylon @ Waterloo Bridge, South Bank, London
24. London's highest Cocktail Bar @ Pan Peninsula Tower, 1 Millharbour
25. Goldfinger's Balfron Tower @ St. Leonard's Road, Tower Hamlets, London
26. Scottish Castle in London @ Green Lanes, Stoke Newington
27. The Golden Boy Statue @ Corner of Giltspur Street & Cock Lane, London
28. TCR Brass Cupola @ 1 Tottenham Court Road, London
29. St Augustines Tower @ St Johns' Church Gardens, Hackney
30. Astor House @ Two Temple Place, London
31. Banksy Off His Trolley @ Bruton Lane, Mayfair
32. Perfect for looking at Stars @ 10 Earlham Street
33. Floral Street Helix Bridge @ Floral Street, Covent Garden, London

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