Motoring themed places

Cars are slowly going the way of the horse and carriage, here are some of the best motoring and automobile stories and tales from Greater London.


Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine
1. Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine
Brian Harvey's Car Accident
2. Brian Harvey's Car Accident
World's First Car Death
3. World's First Car Death
Birthplace of Charles Rolls
4. Birthplace of Charles Rolls
Bentley Motors founded here
5. Bentley Motors founded here
This is where David Bowie lived
6. This is where David Bowie lived
The 1st one way Street
7. The 1st one way Street
The Last Lollipop Lady
8. The Last Lollipop Lady
London's Deepest Car Park
9. London's Deepest Car Park
1st petrol car was built here
10. 1st petrol car was built here


11. Ford plant in Dagenham @ Kent Avenue, Dagenham, Essex
12. Taggs 'Karsino' Island @ Taggs Island, River Thames, Hampton, London
13. The First Fatal Road Accident @ Grove Hill, Harrow
14. George Michael Car Arrest @ Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood, London
15. Waterloo Bridge @ A301, Waterloo Bridge
16. 1st Motorcycle Engine made here @ 1a Lansdowne Road, Tottenham
17. Percy Lambert: Fastest Man @ Brompton Cemetary, Brompton, Kensington
18. 1909 Tottenham Outrage Robbery @ Tottenham High Road, London
19. London Motor Museum @ 3 Nestles Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex
20. Welbeck Street Car Park @ 74-77 Welbeck Street, London
21. World's 1st Drink Driving Arrest @ 165 Bond Street
22. The Audi Centre @ 931 Great West Road, Brentford, London
23. Silicon Roundabout @ Old Street
24. A Blue Plaque for a Car Legend @ 14/15 Conduit Street, Mayfair
25. Motoring pioneer lived here @ 16 Stafford Place

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