Paranormal themed places

London's spooky stuff is not just ghosts but other weird paranormal behaviour and activity. This is where the reports have occurred:


Jimmy Page's Equinox
1. Jimmy Page's Equinox
The Hornsey Coal Poltergeist
2. The Hornsey Coal Poltergeist
Necromancer John Dee lived here
3. Necromancer John Dee lived here
The Black Dog of Newgate
4. The Black Dog of Newgate
Shady Old Lady Ghost
5. Shady Old Lady Ghost
Cock Lane Ghost
6. Cock Lane Ghost
The Coventry Street Vampire
7. The Coventry Street Vampire
Scene of the Flying Man!
8. Scene of the Flying Man!
Poltergiest Pusher
9. Poltergiest Pusher
The Children of Capland Street
10. The Children of Capland Street


11. The Field of Forty Footsteps @ Torrington Square, Bloomsbury, London
12. The Winchester Geese @ Redcross Way
13. The Diary of a Drug Fiend @ 31 Wellington Square, Chelsea, London
14. Wanstead Glowing Headstone @ City of London Cemetery, Wanstead
15. Society for Psychical Research @ 14 Deans Yard, Westminster
16. Oak Hill Parks Famous Tree @ Church Hill Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire
17. Spring Heeled Jack visited here @ 2 Turner Street, Whitechapel, London
18. Spring Heeled Jacks 1st Victim @ 1 Tredegar Road, Tower Hamlets, London
19. Alien Autopsy location @ Rochester Square, Camden, London
20. The Kensington Poltergeist @ 20 Bute Street, South Kensington, London
21. Vampire author lived here @ 38 Great Pulteney Street, London
22. A gunshot in the night @ Buckingham Palace

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