Poetry themed places

The capital of England has always lured poets to distraction for it's rich variety of humanity. Poets unite.


Ernest Dowson Died Here
1. Ernest Dowson Died Here
Irish poet WB Yeats Lived here
2. Irish poet WB Yeats Lived here
Will's Coffee House
3. Will's Coffee House
Samuel Beckett lived here
4. Samuel Beckett lived here
Chaucer Lived Over the Aldgate
5. Chaucer Lived Over the Aldgate
Poet Stevie Smith's House
6. Poet Stevie Smith's House
Thomas B Macaulay lived here
7. Thomas B Macaulay lived here
Poet Dylan Thomas lived here
8. Poet Dylan Thomas lived here
Tennyson and Townshend
9. Tennyson and Townshend
The Ian Dury Bench
10. The Ian Dury Bench


11. Home of poet Robert Browning @ 19 Warwick Crescent, Paddington, London
12. William Blake lived here. @ 28 Poland Street, London
13. George Best lived here @ 89 Oakley Street, Chelsea, London
14. Keats House @ Keats Grove, Hampstead, London
15. Ben Jonson is Still Standing @ Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London
16. Poet Helena Mott @ 115 Maze Hill, Greenwich, London
17. Betjeman's Window Painting @ 43 Cloth Fair, Barbican
18. Samuel Coleridge Died Here @ 3 The Grove, Highgate, London
19. The Wheatsheaf @ 25 Rathbone Place
20. A Bit Of Byron... @ 22 Betterton Street
21. Where Oscar Wilde was arrested @ The Cadogan Hotel, 75 Sloane Street, London
22. Home of Beat Poet Royston Ellis @ 36 Deanecroft Road, Eastcote, Pinner
23. Dylan Thomas' House of Horror @ 54 Delancey Street, Camden
24. The Poets Circle @ The British Library, St Pancras, London
25. Sutcliffe and Holmes Big Stand @ Leyton County Ground, High Road, Leyton
26. Siegfried Sassoon lived here @ 23 Campden Hill Square
27. Poet Leigh Hunt lived here @ 22 Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea

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