Religion themed places

There are some great places of worship in London, but this category goes deeper and features locations with other religious significance.


Sri Murugan Temple
1. Sri Murugan Temple
The Temple of Mithras
2. The Temple of Mithras
George Harrison's Hare Temple
3. George Harrison's Hare Temple
The Samuel Gurney Memorial
4. The Samuel Gurney Memorial
Harris's List: Miss Ross
5. Harris's List: Miss Ross
Claude Monet's London
6. Claude Monet's London
Zoologist Gosse lived here
7. Zoologist Gosse lived here
Drury Lanes Pantomime Fountain
8. Drury Lanes Pantomime Fountain
Uncle Gandhi and his goat
9. Uncle Gandhi and his goat
The Old Nun's Head
10. The Old Nun's Head


11. Statue of Gandhi @ Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London
12. The Congregation of Jacob @ 351-353 Commercial Road
13. Fulham Palace @ Bishop's Avenue, Fulham, London
14. New West End Synagogue @ St Petersburgh Place, Bayswater, London
15. Oldest Synagogue in England @ 2 Henage Lane, London
16. Freemasons' Hall @ 60 Great Queen Street, London
17. Oak Hill Parks Famous Tree @ Church Hill Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire
18. Da Vinci Code: Opus Dei @ 5 Orme Court, Westminster, London
19. Swede Wallenberg's Statue @ Great Cumberland Gate, Marylebone, London
20. The Black Friar @ 174 Queen Victoria Street
21. Peace by the River @ Battersea Park
22. L Ron Hubbard lived here @ 35-37 Fitzroy Street, London
23. Miracle at the Vishwa Temple @ 2 Lady Margaret Road, Southall
24. Leslie Compton's Pub @ 440 Hornsey Road, Finsbury Park
25. Sex Pistol was a Dianetic @ 68 Tottenham Court Road, London
26. Buddhism at home in London @ 14 Calonne Road, Wimbledon Parkside
27. Enfield Synagogue Spirits @ Wellington Rd, Enfield, Middlesex
28. A Right Religious Residence @ Lambeth Palace Road
29. An Ear for Music @ Westminster Abbey
30. Etloe House @ Etloe House, Church Road, Leyton

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